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In 2000, Natasa graduated from the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, department of Graphics. After gaining the title of Graduated Graphic artist since 2000, she has been working in the Marketing Sector as a designer in companies in Novi Sad and in Belgrade. At the same time, she does not cease to engage in graphics and painting, as well as the design wardrobe and hundred illustrations for the book. In addition, she participates in the Colonies in Serbia and Vojvodina, and she is a participant in many groups and dozens of solo exhibitions. Love to paint garments was always there, because that love was felt from the secondary art school Bogdan Suput where she graduate at the department Textile course.

In the period when her children (Stribor and Roman) were very young, she began to paint socks and wardrobe. With the support of her closest friends, she waded into to the “world of hand made festivals”. With children, work and painting, she most likes to go hiking, ride bicycles through Fruska Gora and run on Kay … And she sees music as a rescue in everything. Friends say that she is one of the rare digitized artists who does not sleep.

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Takeaway art

Source: mojnovisad.com / / Author: Aleksandar Jovanović 

I loved the Academy of Arts, because it was on the Petrovaradin Fortress. There were few students, but we spent quality time together. Everything was provided, from paint to press and various tools. And today I remember the words of one of the professors who told us that we are not artists, but craftsmen. During the study, we printed greeting cards and sold them for holidays, and over the summer we went to Greece and drew portraits. So we made money, and in that way I also learned to sell my artwork to the market – Natasha recalls.

After graduation, the partner of the portal mojnovisad.com studied graphic design and regarding to that for years she worked in several companies. However, like many in Serbia, at one point she was forced to look for a job again. The idea for a business came from the family.

– Two years ago my sister told me that hand-painted socks were popular and suggested that I try to do it. At first, I had no idea how to do it. We pulled leggings on the balloon and on the cardboard, but non of that was appropriate. Then we remembered the plastic legs on which sellers in shops expose leggings. I experimented and soon made my technique. The part where the illustration will be first we painted in white. After that, I draw out the contours and after that they are painted and then I get an illustration. A prerequisite is that socks should be thick – explains Natasha.

The first customers were her friends, and soon many people in Novi Sad heard about this specific fashion detail. Then Natasa created a website and opened a Facebook and Instagram page, through which she contacted those who wanted her creations.

I noticed that women mostly prefer black. Leggings, socks without feet,children’s socks, tights and stockings are mostly required. I need five days to finish one model, because the drying process is very long. Customers are mostly women from 35 years onwards. Also children and girls are my customers but rarely. I’m thinking of the illustrations myself, but I do them on order. This type of socks and leggings are carried to work, in club or on birthday parties – Natasha tells.

And the illustrations are different. So far, Betty Boop, Marilyn Monro, Frida Khalo, Pippi Longstocking, Peter Pan, Pink Panther, Popeye’s Olive Oyl, Rabbit Roger, and women’s lips have been painted on the socks.

– This is not my idea, I just took it to earn money. In every city you have a person who does this as I do. My sons joked with me that I would get rich from this, but only after two years my work started growing. – Natasa says.

When there is free time, this Novi Sad artist creates paintings with acrylic paint on a canvas. And several of her artwork decorate the corridors of her apartment building.

– I have seven independent and several joint exhibitions behind me. Acrylic on canvasses is less well sold. Hand-painted socks are now popular and I make money from them. I say in a joke that they are the takeaway art – Natasha is sincere.

Painter of joy of life

Source: http://www.topsrbija.com

To understand the essential meaning of pop art means to understand the world that surrounds us.
“This is a modern world and it’s wonderful,” said the leading figure of pop art, Andy Warhol, a wizard who, while practicing art as an alchemy, succeeded in promoting ordinary, trivial things in artwork.
Nataša Gegić Raletić, a woman, a free artist, the mother of two children, a representative of the generation of young Novi Sad artists, watches the outer world through the dioptera of optimism and joy that she carries with herself and makes her more beautiful and more desirable for life.

By painting the most common landscapes and portraits, as parts of the urban world, Nataša Gegić Raletić strives to link an outer concept of life and things in it, with its inner being. And that being is full of energy and life optimism. That’s why her pictures are cheerful, vibrant colors and her pictures can make you smile.
She is different and her pictures are different from all the others. Her artistic manuscript is recognizable, very clear and very sincere, sharp lines. Rarely when she is mixing colors. Her paintings, they are always clean, bright, these are the colors of the sun, spring and summer, and black and brown almost never use.

– I was led by pop art through studies. I cherish very pronounced “placard style.” I graduated a graphic, challenging, but physically demanding, which is considered more masculine, although it is more often defined by women. My graphics were always full colors, rarely when I was working in a black and white version, which involved much more work. Thanks to the fact that you always touch at the academy, painting and sculpture, intermedia research, after the end of AUNS, I have focused on painting, because it is much easier to work with a canvas and with colors, but with graphics with a press. – recognizes the artist as her escape to painting, in which, as in life, she does not like to cheat because she would then cheat on herself.

She loves painting, but she can not (and does not want) to run away from what she does. Through her work she speaks clearly and sharply, without twisting, because that’s her. Bravely leads the fight on all fronts, both private and professional.
Thus, in the time of today, in time of gloom, for her personal status, and for the status of art in general, she is fighter artist who spreads joy around her, because it is her nature, and because she is in her life beautiful because she made her to be nice. She thinks so and so happens to her. She also reflects her optimism on the canvas, and it is enough for her picture to break the boredom and the empty wall.

Nataša Gegić Raletić does not like to talk about herself, let others talk about her. One of her biggest fans is her sister, Tamara Ekmeščić, whose apartment is a small gallery of Natasha’s paintings, which means full of colors and optimism.
Three years ago, Natasha’s friend, Dragana Bojović, a fitness instructor and novelist: “Be Better” and “Being Smarter” (Otvorena knjiga, Belgrade), says that Natasha’s paintings are actually her colorful personality and completely special.
Natasha built her recognizable style, and the more you follow her work, everything is more understandable and more appealing to what she is doing. Often, at first glance, pop art is too popular, but in the end they all fall in love. It’s almost impossible not to identify her personality with her paintings. Everybody around me is absolutely obsessed with her works and it is interesting that people first meet, and they love it, and getting to know her more and more likes her work, which is not a problem, because she and her pictures are literally positively.

Natasa Gegić Raletić rarely takes part in painting colonies because of family responsibilities, but she has been in the Painting colonie “Podrum Miljević” for the second year in a row, because she likes hospitality and care for Miljević family artists, probably because the hosts know and love art, and she loves wine . And that is enough reason for her paintings to be found among those who will refine the ethno household “Podrum Miljevic” and which everyone who goes there will be able to see.

Raletić art: Socks that walk art

Source: http://www.lipsandheels.com Autor: Milka Hobetko

For a woman of incredible energy like Nataša Gegić Raletić there are no obstacles or impossible tasks. Her persistence led to start painting of socks in 2016. The artistic aspects of this painter and graphic artist by profession have come to the light of city streets thanks to the brave and ladies with the styles that walk these socks.

The process of painting socks according to Natasha’s words is not at all easy, but the desire to finally do something for her soul and to offer unique socks that will bring joy to the heart is what leads this way. Natasha is one of those people who motivate her colorful, specific socks with cartoon and film heroes, flowers have attracted the attention of women who are thrilled to buy and carry them.

How did you come up with the idea to dedicate yourself to painting your socks?

You are perfectly right when you say “dedicate”, in art whatever there is no compromise. In fact, I have a lot of ideas, but I want to work something for myself first of all! My sister pushed this idea, and with the great support of my friends, I began to paint on various socks in 2016. It was not easy to paint them at the beginning, and especially put them on the market.

How many socks do you make artistically and creatively?

Socks are just a conjunction between makeup, shoes and hairstyle. What we miss in life is love, love and love, and shoes are socks. They are just a trigger to pack up and go to a meeting, to work, to a guy, to a cousin, to a party, to training, to ride a bike, and you can also go in the morning without a lipstick, in the socks to go to the store, with style. Socks are not ordinary, they carry a picture on themselves, which speaks a lot about the owner of the same.

What are the reactions of people on painted socks? What is the interest in such socks and who are the people who take them?

Reactions are such that women can not decide which sock they should wear. And they can not decide on which part of the leg or stocking they want to have a picture. Positive reactions are certainly, both those who wear them and the one who looks at them.

Men are also interested in buying to their wives, girlfriends and sisters, then the women who buy them to themselves, friends, sisters, mothers and even more than one pair of socks. So much is the interest, that my day has become a night, because I can not achieve them enough.

Socks are for a brave, self-confident, adult woman, safe in themselves who knows what they want. They have between 4 and 60 years. The person who wears them is special and likes to wear different details on it. People who wear these socks like to be noticed, even though she dressed like a puppeteer doll, magazines, wearing these socks with them breaks the whole concept and adds something special to her outlook.

Explain the process of working on socks?

The process is very very long, and I will briefly tell you about it. It depends on which sock is concerned. Dark socks require much more work than brighter socks. The substrate is applied several times, each substrate must be awaited, the drying and absorbing process is long. A further color is applied to each dry substrate, which creates an image. I take a good look at the finished sock, I dress it and then I make  photography. My mom and my kids are doing great photos. Then the package is packed in eco packaging and eco bag. And it goes to the owner personally or I send it by post.

How do you get socks and what materials are best suited for painting?

There is a lot of ways, but there are few quality socks. The price of socks is already very expensive, which does not mean that it is high quality. The socks must be fresh as food is fresh. It tears down if it’s on sale for a long time. I did not know that until I began to deal with this. I buy only socks I can touch, regardless of the price. I buy from the cheapest to the marked and expensive. Socks should have a minimum of 60 den in it and a little lycra. First I touch the sock and then I’m checking is the sock ,,dry”,when I come to such ones, I simply shudder, because they are usually rotten and they are a waste that seller want to sell.